Kingston Has Arrived!

In case you’ve been sleeping at your laptop (like me), now might be a good time to pick your head up, wipe off that dribble and check this out. There is a hip new film festival smack-dab under our noses right here in Kingston, NY.

And, they’re looking for your submission. KFF


CASTING CALL for period piece called THE FLY ROOM

CASTING CALL for period piece called THE FLY ROOM
• Looking for 13-16 year old who can play PHIL (see photo) for scene by creek in Red Hook area on June 9. Send resume or photo asap to

• Also looking for 20-24 year old extras for party scenes on June 6 & 7. Jitterbug dancers would be perfect but anybody interested would be great…
Send resume or photo asap to

Nine-year-old Betsey is forced to spend the day with her father in his laboratory, the Fly Room, where scientists study fruit flies, unlocking the laws of heredity that later became the foundation of modern genetics. While at first she feels closer to him than she ever has, she ultimately discovers secrets about him that will transform their relationship forever. For more, visit

The Ephron Effect

Such a great tribute to Nora Ephron!

Culture Nugget

Even though we’re four decades apart and never got the chance to meet, Nora Ephron has left a huge impact on my life. I was 10 or 11 the first time I watched When Harry Met Sally, and though I didn’t entirely get all of the dialogue, I loved what the movie represented. I liked the idea of two people ending up together, despite the odds. I studied the witty banter and wondered how I could ever possibly find a male companion I could talk to like that.

It was later, in a high school film class when I realized how amazing Ephron actually was: she was an A-list writer, director and producer in a male-dominated industry. And though she was crafting chick flicks, the heroines in her stories didn’t fall flat. Sally, Annie and Julia all seemed like strong women I could relate to. She was proof to me…

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