That Time I (kind of) Interviewed Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore_WFFMy six minutes with Pauly Shore was productive. We talked about schtick, his new film; Pauly Shore Stands Alone, podcast; Pauly Shore’s Interested, the Goofy (Disney) Franchise, Robin Williams and the dark side of comedy, and the correct lighting for taking Instagram photos — which was off the record.

Here are a few of the more interesting points of our conversation at the 15th Annual Woodstock Film Festival

Are you excited about the Colony Cafe stand-up show?

I don’t know what to expect. If there’s people in the audience, that’s all I care about.

Let’s talk a little about your podcast; Pauly Shore’s Interested. I’ve read a few reviews where people talk about how you’re a much better interviewer than anticipated. Have you heard people mention this? About the podcast show, in particular?

I don’t know… I guess it goes back to what people’s perception of me is. You know which is goofy, outrageous, retarded, you know what I mean? It’s definitely part of who I am.  The podcast has a lot to do with my documentary, so you need to see that. When you’re a comedian when you do schtick, it’s a good thing and a bad thing.

So is this more of a serious side of you? Should I call you Paul Shore now?

No, call me Skip. Skip. No, it’s not serious; it’s more real. This stuff is more real… but it’s still really funny. It depends on what the subject is. One of the podcast episodes was a tribute to Robin Williams. Obviously, that’s not funny.

Have you been inundated with questions about Robin Williams lately?

Not really, not since he passed.

It’s fascinating…the serious side of comedians.

Well, look at Lost in Translation with Bill Murray. I think it would shock people if comics don’t do something serious. ‘Cuz every comic has a serious, fucked-up side.

I was listening to the Andy Dick podcast, because, well, I love Andy Dick. You mention that he sort of stumbled into the Comedy Store looking for you and it made me think of yet another interview I saw with you where you spoke about Sam Kinison and how you sort of took him under your wing. Was this your role at your mom’s place (The Comedy Store), like, come and see me; I’ll take care of you?

That’s the role she (my mother) played, she took care of the comedians. So, I feel an obligation.

I have one more question for you and then I’ll let you go. Let’s talk about the Goofy (Disney) Franchise. I have a three-year-old who loves your work. 

Oh wow, yeah… Leaning Tower of Cheeee-za! (Laughs) I’m not in charge of the business of that, but if they called, I’d do it.

Well, I think that’s all I have for you, I know you have some other obligations.

Yeah, well definitely try to check out the movie. It’s fun… bring your friends; It’s a funny movie.

He ends the interview by saying that he’s popped a lot of first time interviewer cherries. Parting words that have left this virgin interviewer a bit traumatized, but appreciative of the hazing, nonetheless. Thank you, sir.

Looking forward to seeing the new film; Pauly Shore Stands Alone followed by a stand-up show later tonight @ Colony Cafe in Woodstock, NY.

The stand-up performance is part of the 15th Annual Woodstock Film Festival.


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