Paul Rudd @ 14th Annual Woodstock Film Festival

Paul Rudd discusses working with Jack Nicholson.

Paul Rudd discusses working with Jack Nicholson.

Paul Rudd does not want you to think he’s a nice guy.

He’s spent most of his career trying to develop an “edge”; something along the lines of a drug, drinking or attitude problem, is what he had in mind. (Perhaps something similar to his character from Our Idiot Brother?)

In true improv fashion, these are some of his opening thoughts, brought out by the easy-natured, casual interviewing style of WAMC’s Joe Donahue.

The audience chuckles, he flashes that irresistible guy-next-door grin, and we’re all reminded that he really is the sweetest man in show biz. As if we could forget.

The actor spoke in detail about his work on the upcoming cult comedy sequel, Anchorman 2; The Legend Continues, as well as his time working with the cast of Friends. He also let us in on a little known secret; he once wanted to study animation, not acting.

The interview proceeded without a hitch, until around the 30 minute mark when my smart phone decided to burst into full-blast ring mode. (It’s never on, by the way, so my apologies to Mr. Rudd and Mr. Donahue, as well as the WAMC staffers sitting at my left and videographers at my right.)  This wasn’t meant as a rash attempt to gain attention. If it had been, the ringtone would’ve been set to “Afternoon Delight,” or maybe even “Stars” from Les Mis.  And yes, audience members, now you know I lied about it being me.  Don’t worry; there’s a special place in Press Hell for people like me, right next to the paparazzi.

Here’s a quick clip of today’s Q & A panel at Kleinert/James Arts Center in Woodstock, NY. During this short segment, Paul talks about trying to impress David Letterman and his experience meeting Oprah.


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