Get a Job @ 2nd Annual Kingston Film Festival; A return to funny.

GetAJob-HawaiiTheatreThese days, an air of déjà vu can be found hanging over my head at the movies.

Not tonight.

True, the Hawaii-set comedy evokes “Dumb and Dumber,” and countless other Peter Farrelly movies, not to mention vintage screwball favorites like: “It’s a Mad, Mad World,” but it also has at its center a uniquely compelling narrative that captures the Hawaiian free spirit.

Get a Job, Hawaii’s first major motion picture comedy, is fresh and charming. It’s only “downfall” (if you want to call it that) is it’s lack of predictable and snarky catch phrases that the Apatov/Farrell funny factories continue to churn out. It’s comedy in the purest sense of the word; a return to funny as it was meant to be — without pretense.

I would like to thank Writer-director Brian Kohne, and actors Eric Gillom and Willie K for keeping it so very “feel good.”

Congrats on your East Coast Premiere!


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