Winnebago Man: It’s okay to cry.

I’m so glad I’d never heard of Jack Rebney; never knew of his viral-video character, “The Angriest Man in the World”, then again, my YouTube travels usually consist of one thing and one thing only: looking for Ab Fab outtakes to share with my homegirl in Copenhagen.

Yeah, I know…you hate that show; so does everyone else.

Anyway, my point is, knowing about this video, this character, would have spoiled my expectations.

No matter, though, because a man such as Rebney does not live out his legacy in the bowels of YouTube.


A man who vents his disappointments at forgetting lines he wrote himself — lines delivered in what feels like a poetic assault on all five senses, in a booming baritone rivaled only by Garrison Keillor —  all while swearing violently, swatting flies in his path, is now immortalized on the big screen.

A Winnebago Man!

How fitting is it that the only film in years to make me cry is a super low-budget documentary about a disgruntled, ex-RV salesman that gained popularity among the YouTube generation?

I’m sad.

I want my MTV.


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