One Schmucked-Up Movie?


Not enough dick jokes.

Okay, first off…if we are agreeing this is ‘comedy noir’, then why the PG-13 rating?

I know! Because ‘Dinner for Schmucks’ is safe…too anchored in it’s moral obligation to provide misguided, self-centered and cruel individuals (not unlike myself) with a message of love and acceptance …a theme as old and tired as Carell’s shtick.

Yawn, yawn…stretch…yawn.

Now, I don’t think I’m being unreasonable here; I never expected ‘Schmucks’ to outshine its original, Le dîner de cons, (I mean, c’mon… the French invented the term film noir, right?) but I have to say, it’s pretty gutless. The movie kind of just glosses over the essential cruelty of the premise (idiot guests are invited to a fancy dinner so they can be ridiculed).

One of the summer’s ‘most anticipated comedies’ is nothing more than an over the top, goofy display of two (on the verge of being) washed-up comics struggling to hold on to the spotlight while the supporting cast does the real work. For shame!

I feel cheated.

I was led to believe DFS would be tasteless, mean-spirited and chock-full of the one liner goodness I’ve come to expect from a comedy dream team.

Steve? Paul? Do you know how much it hurts me to watch Zach Galifianakis steal your thunder?


2 thoughts on “One Schmucked-Up Movie?

  1. while i often find your whimisical musings heartwarming and informative, your accusation that Senior Galifianakis is trying to steel thunder shows me that you have what we like to call “Cahones”. Viva La Filmonista!

  2. As always, well said! I could not agree more! This was such a poor movie.
    Speaking of sucky movies, I got shocked a few times this past year, first when I found out that Americans decided to re-do Death at a Funeral, as if that was not enoug…h damage, now there is the poor American version of The Dinner Game.
    And I am not even mentioning the pain and sickness I felt after finding out that per my humble opinion talentless Amy Adams was in The Doubt.

    2 worst movies I have seen so far this year:
    When In Rome (seriously, what was I thinking even adding this to my Netflix queue) and Snakes on a Plane. Can I get my 4,5 hrs back please????

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