Wanted: “Villain’s Lair”.

The Hudson Valley Film Commission tells me:

MARVEL STUDIOS is looking for a site for their “villain’s lair”. Ideally, it is a vast, sprawling space that could be industrial, rough, cave-like. They are looking at closed down museums, train stations/bus terminals, caves, crypts, other subterranean facilities, quarries, military bunkers, abandoned power plants, etc. They would need a long hold on the space so they could build into the space and transform it into a hi-tech research facility for weapons and spacecraft.

I recommended a few places they are considering including Tech City and Schrade BUT would love to refer as many potential HUDSON VALLEY locations as possible.
Please email photos, suggestions and contact info to filmcommission@me.com

I’d like to suggest the old, abandoned train car on Route 209. The site includes such amenities as: teenagers, squatters, graffiti and even some teenage squatters doing graffiti.

Place has serious “bad guy” appeal.

Good luck guys!


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