Desperately Seeking Josh Berta

Come to me, Josh.

I will protect you from those hateful disciples of design, with their snobbish, ironic blog posts about Lord Cameron, the Seattle public transit buses, or your sister’s wedding planner’s use of Papyrus.
There is nothing worse than academic elitist swine telling you what you should and/or shouldn’t like.

I know you’re hurting.
It’s painful to read a blog post like: “7 Fonts that should die” by one mister/miss/doctor/buttscratcher professional design degree, Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2002. Why the hell should I care if monospaced typefaces turn them on? That’s just plain creepy (damn it, there goes my ulcer).

Fret not! Together we will lead a crusade against those fools and their fashionable mockery.
Wanna help me design a church flyer?


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