Forget the kids, take your wife to see Ninja Assassin.

I just returned from a late afternoon viewing of Ninja Assassin. My husband dragged me kicking and screaming (well, slight exaggeration..i happened to raise my voice a couple of times) to the mall; the dreaded cineplex, where the hormonally imbalanced and generally undesirable congregate…usually to disrupt an otherwise pleasant afternoon for reserved and well-behaved (most of the time) moviegoers, like myself.
But not this time.

You can imagine how confused I was to discover row upon row of empty chairs as we entered the theatre.
Were ninjas waiting behind the THX sound system?
Wait- was this a special LIVE version of Ninja Assassin arranged by the hubster for my personal enjoyment (way off-off Broadway, of course)?
Major points, babe…

Sadly, no Japanese night demons jumped out at us…and we were ready, believe me.

McTeigue’s movie is digestible.
Rain is impressive as a ninja; his body is freshly oiled from rehearsing as a dancer, model, actor, businessperson, and/or designer, no doubt (thanks, Wikipedia!).
With Ninja Assassin, I predict a total status transformation for him from Korean boy-band star to the next level: man-band icon.

Oh, and me…I had the time of my life watching CGI blood and guts in SILENCE.


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