My ‘top 10 most unconventional winter holiday flicks’ list

Oh yeah…and by using the term ‘winter holiday’, I am in no way attempting to be politically correct…that’s so 2001.
PC behavior kills and death does not keep the Christmas spirit alive.

1) The Hebrew Hammer
2) Gremlins
3) National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (I suppose this isn’t terribly unconventional but…. …yeeeeeaaah)
4) Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
5) Holiday Inn (a big thanks to Danny Devito for reminding me of this creepy little gem)
6) Nightmare before Christmas
7) Better off DEAD (pfffff, sorry… couldn’t resist)
8) The Hudsucker Proxy
9) Planes, Trains and Automobiles (more of a T-day film…but i like it too much, so it stays)

and…saving the best for last
10) The Ice Storm (see #9)

honorable mention goes to Fat Albert’s Christmas special.


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