A Serious Man is a black comedy? Did I miss something?

I’m tired of the term (or phrase) black comedy; about as tired as I am of zombies. “OOOOver DONE!”, says the mummy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Season 1, Episode 13).
Wait, can a mummy be a zombie- or vice-versa?

I’m especially tired of every flipping Coen brothers movie being referred to as a black comedy. Get a clue, people… I mean, it seems like more of a blue comedy to me…no?

I really enjoyed the latest Coen bros flick. I was telling a friend of mine (yes, I have friends) that they were due to make a good, solid picture. It’s been well over a decade since Fargo took the indie (ooooo, there’s another one) film world by storm.

Thank you Ethan and Joel, you have made me a fan all over again. Thank you for making another thought-provoking, twisted little film with one hell of a closing scene.
Thank you for casting George Wyner, for not being terribly existential, and for making me uncomfortable (which is a near-impossible task), but mostly, THANK YOU for not making another black comedy.


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