Two Lovers: Is it ok to land your husband by default?

I mean, all that matters is that you have the ring, right?

And the winner is Vinessa Shaw!
Oh crap, did I just ruin the entire movie for you?

Two Lovers is an unnervingly honest drama, served up over-easy with a heaping side of genuine, all-purpose Joaquin stutter.

Oh, here I go again, out-funnying myself.
In the blogosphere, you are only as good as your last line, right?

If the rumors are correct about this being Joaquin’s last film, well then bravo Joaquin Rafael Bottom!

James Gray has redeemed himself with this one. We Own the Night made me want to…actually, I don’t remember that movie. I know I saw it… hmmm.

Gray’s casting choices are particularly sharp and pretty darn smart. Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t bore OR annoy me.
I was actually convinced of her character Michelle’s turmoil. She couldn’t have been more convincing if she began emulating Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

Two Lovers, on the surface, looks like a film that’s been made over and over again.
It is.
What’s worse? The script.
When did it become acceptable to use mental illness as an excuse to write bad dialogue?

Lovers is saved only by gorgeous cinematography and outstanding acting.
Like I said, Gray knows how to pick ’em.


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