Watchmen: Quite possibly the longest music video ever made.

But don’t let that deter you from the hormonally imbalanced, text messaging nightmare that awaits you at the local cineplex.
It’s worth it.
For every digital ice castle, Mars crater, or other CGI cheese, there is a dark, complex character with a despicable past just waiting to spill their guts…sometimes literally.

Adapted from the comic book, excuse me, graphic novel by Alan Moore, Watchmen is Zanadu meets Blade Runner meets, oh, I don’t know, Clear and Present Danger?
No Harrison Ford, though… sorry to disappoint.

Zack Snyder introduces us to a no ‘name’ cast (well, aside from Carla Gugino) who reveal their characters’ vulnerability and paranoia brilliantly to the tune of a pop/rock standard…wouldn’t want your interest levels to flatline now, would we?
Who knew that being force-fed My Chemical Romance and Leonard Cohen within a 20 minute span would make me feel mildly homicidal?
Funny thing is, I didn’t mind one bit.
And hey, I didn’t lose interest.


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