Taken: The Birth of "GeriAction."

Oh, Liam Neeson…God bless you.
You have (perhaps unknowingly) created a new film genre;
a genre I like to call “GeriAction.”

True, Neeson is 56, but… you’d never know.
With his hair plugs staying scarily intact while he drop-kicks the enemy, Neeson proves his old arse is a force to be reckoned with.

Neeson plays Bryan Mills, an over-protective father and former CIA agent on a quest to retrieve his annoyingly innocent, privledged daughter from an Albanian prostitution ring.

I will attempt to summarize Taken in 3 sentences:

Mills (Neeson) gives his daughter a birthday gift.
He sees his daughter off to Paris where she is abducted by those pesky Albanians.
He kills the bad guys and gets his daughter back.

Schindler saves the day!
Nice work, Grandpa!


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