The Wrestler: Aronofsky almost ruins another one.

I like my indie dramas like I like my Mickey Rourke: cool, deliberate and a little impenetratable.
Goddamnit, Aronofsky, you had me for about 75 minutes. My eyes welled up, but I’m not exactly sure why… was it because I was staring at the once beautifully chiseled matinee idol Mickey Rourke and wondering what went wrong?
I mean, yeah, the movie was sad..but what the HELL happened to Teddy Lewis? ‘Boogie’ Sheftell?
The Wrestler, a sad tale of a washed-up wrestling star could have been a hit. Rourke’s performance is one he seems designed for and Marisa Tomei who plays Cassidy, the love interest of Rourke’s Randy “The Ram” Robinson delivers a brave, yet quirky (real shocker there) performance as an aging exotic dancer- complete with “clip-on…stuck on with eyelash glue and then kind of pinched on. It hurt a little bit..” nipple rings!
Why would you admit that?
I wanted her 44 year old nipples to be pierced but I’m afraid that would be too predictable for Darren Aronofsky.

And speaking of the predictable, if you’ve ever seen a film about boxing/wrestling/fighting, etc. you will most likely be able to predict this movie… well, until the strangely unpredictable, predictable ending- yeah, I get the feeling you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.
This “critically acclaimed drama” is about one man, well past his prime, chasing the glory days of his youth and ending up love starved and alone.
I know, almost makes you want to cut yourself…like in the forehead with a razor blade.

So yes, there is no shortage of the edgy, indie or hip in The Wrestler; Aronofsky makes sure we are overfed.
It’s difficult to maintain interest when forced to watch a brilliant actor interpret an equally brilliant script while having to compete with a director’s chronic hard-on for eerie stylistic rear-view shots and oh yeah, can’t forget that heaping spoonful of anguish…
pain, man…suffering. Ooooooo-how Requiem.


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