Doc Filmmakers Panel…a bit tense.

I just returned from the Woodstock Film Festival’s documentary filmmaker’s panel and boy am I depressed.

I spent about an hour hearing about the financial issues of six filmmakers- Heidi Ewing, Morgan Spurlock, Ellen Kuras, Michael Tucker, Kief Davidson, Ron Mann and Brett Morgan.

Don’t get me wrong, the elements of doc film production from concept to completion were discussed and good advice was given, but the general tone of the panel was pretty grim.
The disheartened group talked about how difficult it is to market a film due to the skyrocketing costs of newspaper advertising, specifically. Brett Morgan made his feelings for print advertising abundantly clear when he said, tugging at his hair, “how can we compete with these companies who are taking out a full page ad in the New York Times?”

Oh yeah, another attack was thrown at the New Media segment and ….you’d better sit down for this one…BLOGGERS! Apparently, they (bloggers), like film critics don’t know “what the ‘insert expletive beginning with an F’ they are talking about half the time.” I’m going to spare this individual panelist some embarrassment by withholding his name…here’s a hint- first name begins with an M and last name with a T.

I do have to thank Morgan Spurlock for making a funny (which seems to be his thing) and adding, rather lightheartedly, that he was planning on making a film in Britney Spears’ backyard.

That one got a full-bodied laugh out of me…complete with a semi hair flip.


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