Talk about Fierce…here’s what’s hot at the 9th Annual WFF

Here’s what people are talking about right now:

Festival Feature Tokyo directed by Michel Gondry, Bong Joon-ho and Leos Carax. These three have created 30-minute films depicting their outlook on life in general day-to-day Tokyo. Gondry’s direction style has been compared to Woody Allen’s.
If you didn’t get to see Tokyo, the blog TwentySevenViews has a brief yet intriguing trailer:

Another feature getting rave reviews is Pride and Glory starring Edward Norton and Colin Farrell and directed by Gavin O’Connor. I’ve been hearing folks compare the pulpy cop drama to James Grey’s We Own the Night …not certain if that’s such a good thing (?)

Here are several hot ones I’m personally recommending:

The New Year Parade
Shot over the course of two years with only a two person crew, ‘Parade’ is a personal family drama that resonates deeply with those from broken homes (myself included).
Tom Quinn directs a brilliant cast of amateur actors (who actually improvise most of their roles) in an appropriately dreary Philadelphia.

Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes
This documentary was on my press wish list…but due to pesky schedule issues (a little thing called work) I was unable to attend the screenings.

Anyone familiar with NPR’s Writer’s Almanac knows Garrison Keillor and if you’ve ever seen Robert Altman’s fictionalized version of the radio show A Prairie Home Companion you have a face to go with the voice.
The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes is about that same decades-old weekly live American Public Media radio show.
I’ve heard so much about Keillor’s signature goofiness…if only I had an extra 86 minutes to spare on Friday.
Double sob.

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight
Ok, so I’m a bit of a documentary fanatic…but, I’m also a graphic designer.
I have to admit, I don’t particularly care for Glaser’s work, however, to deny his
influence on design and advertising would just be foolish.
The $50 Official Festival booklet describes Glaser (in the opening paragraph of the film synopsis) as “the personification of Graphic Design”.
Well, let’s just agree to disagree, shall we?
This is one of those times I want to see a film just to prove a theory wrong.

On a positive note, first time director Wendy Keys (who I’ve been trying to contact for an interview) is getting some excellent reviews. According to some, she does a fantastic job conveying the personal side of the artist.


Tickets are still available at box offices for certain shows…but, for those with a little faith and determination, I have heard stories of tickets being scored by default due to reservation no-shows.

I’m off to the Rosendale Theatre to catch Visioneers and Gospel Hill, so I have to go shower…I’m starting to develop a serious case of blog rot (don’t ask).

Keep me posted on what you’ve seen…


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