Yeah, I saw "The Hulk"…it was a choice between that and shopping for Potted Meat.

how ’bout a little more of this?
(see photo to the right)

I’m still not sure if I enjoyed “The Incredible Hulk”.
I found it nearly impossible to ignore the nagging sensation reminding me that Edward Norton’s last film, 2006’s “The Illusionist”, was a complete flop.
Still, I kept the faith because I adore E.N.
I will always cherish his role as jacked up skinhead Derek Vinyard in “American History X”.
But that was a long time ago.

Norton brings his signature quiet defenselessness to “The Hulk… and for this I love him.
But still, I wonder, where is the personality… the passion?

We’re forced to rely on the quirky, annoyingly sweet lip-biting antics of Liv Tyler to get us through the movie.
Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s as cute as a button, but the whole bimbette (with a Ph.D, mind you) VW driving scientist thing is a bit much.

I wanted more Lou Ferrigno…let’s get into the personality behind the random security guard, you know?

I guess Ang Lee attempted at instilling human emotion in 2003’s Hulk characters and failed… so I understand the intentional devoid of feeling this time around.

Leterrier’s “Hulk” is a different kind of beast; a passive aggressive Bruce Banner who happens to be brilliant at breaking international laws.


It’s a good thing Tony Stark shows up at the end. Sleeping in a movie theater seat would absolutely destroy my lumbar spine.


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