Robert Downey Jr. plays himself in Iron Man.

Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. are the same person.
Well, ok… aside from the whole genius bomb-making thing…
they both love the night life, the drink and the ladies.
I think this is why I actually enjoyed Iron Man. No frills… just some drunken debauchery mixed with a lot of quirky, fast chat.
Of course, Jon Favreau had a bit to do with it, too. Aside from the punky Tarantino stunt he pulled by casting himself in the movie, his directing is superb.
Favreau’s skill actually shows us what we are seeing rather than a series of 1/2 second edited shots that give the impression of frenzied disorder.

The decision to see Iron Man was a big one for me.
You see, I don’t actually plan (as in: picking up the paper/going online to find a local listing, calling my domestic partner, clearing a time slot and finally, driving to Cinema A) on seeing a blockbuster action movie, let alone one based on a comic book.
Believe me, I’m still in shock.

Iron Man surprised the hell out of me, though. The rules of the genre seemed to be deliberately broken!
A hero that is all about manual labor, applied intelligence, biting wit and NO superpowers?
Hey, that’s what the Scotch is for, right?

Seriously though, Downey owns Iron Man.
Has there ever been an actor who blends together vanity and self-depreciation and as well as RD, Jr?

I think not… and damnit, I feel cool for saying it!


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