Into the Wild, then straight to On Demand.

And who’s surprised?

Well, everyone… myself included.

I had high hopes for this one, but Sean Penn screwed up royally.
His screenplay is a poorly thrown together adaptation of Jon Krakauer’s novel.

I’m so glad I waited to see this because, frankly, there’s a very strong possibility I would have been forcefully escorted out of the theatre; obscenities would’ve been spewing from my mouth.

I mean…how many flashbacks, flashforwards and flashsideways is a film allowed to have?

And exactly how much narration is necessary? Why do I need to have the entire story demystified for me in the first 60 minutes? Obviously, Penn is convinced that audiences are stupid and need to be spoon-fed plot devices…it’s just as much of an insult as those pesky Helpful Hints a.k.a “dumb-ass” tabs that are beneath that box of Cheerios, or that loaf of Pepperidge Farm honey wheat bread at Hannaford.
“Duh, I dunno… is this what I should eat?”
Hell no, I’m allergic to wheat…oh yeah and Eddie Vedder, too.

There seemed to be a pukey Vedder ballad every five minutes- without fail.

Anyway, rambling will get me nowhere.
While the story may be inspirational, the film’s direction is amateurish and just plain sloppy.

Those of you who have seen the film (based on the life of Christopher McCandless) most likely share the feeling that less could have been more. Into the Wild does not do the life and family of McCandless justice.


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