"Control" is fiercely hypnotic.

I love Joy Division but I have to admit that I wasn’t too thrilled about sitting through an entire film (excuse me, biopic) about Ian Curtis.

Anton Corbijn and his scratchy black and white vision changed all that for me.

“Control” is a moving portrayal of Ian Curtis. Some have referred to him as a tortured soul, but let’s not romanticize…

Curtis, the captivating vocalist of Joy Division, (portrayed by the hauntingly innocent Sam Riley) suffers from Epilepsy and quickly becomes a slave to pharmaceuticals.

They control his every thought, feeling, move…you get the point.

A little more than halfway through the film, I begin to see why Curtis’s story matters.
This isn’t another cliche’ tale of a manically depressed musician with a suicide plan…this is a story about a family man (with a lottabit of an edge, mind you) trying to do the right thing in an era where little is known about managing his disease.

“Control” is honest in a way that doesn’t reveal too much… honoring the quiet brilliance that was Ian Curtis.
Riley is truly amazing and just on the cusp of being the next big thing.
The role of the smoking, tormented vocalist is sort of a recurring (and slightly annoying) theme but what kind of Rocumentary (apologies as usual to VH-1, MTV etc, etc.) would this be, without the presence of the Cancer stick?

That aside, the film is fantastic- it exposes the manifestation of Curtis’s talent in such a way that you feel as if you’re right there with him.

“Control” is playing at Upstate through Wednesday the 23rd.


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