Foreign, Indie and Hollywood at Hunter.

The Catskill Mountain Foundation now offers a selection of the best Foreign, Independent, Art and Hollywood films.

The newly expanded Doctorow Center for the Arts is located on Main Street between the Post Office and the Library.
Mountain Cinema film schedule for the coming week includes “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”, “Juno”, “The Protagonist” and several screenings of Oscar nominated shorts.

The Center is one of the first places in the area to offer Dinner and a Movie (not to be confused with the twits on TBS). $18.99 will get you a 3-course meal prepared by the foundation’s Fresh Harvest Cafe AND a movie ticket.

Regal cinemas can have their carbonated mystery fluids and stale confections.
I’d like to keep my teeth, thank you very much.
Call me crazy, but, I’d much rather spend 20 bucks on something I can enjoy (and digest).

I celebrate the Fresh Harvest’s entire menu.


Well worth the drive.

the 411:


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