Rental Regrets: "The Invasion"

The only thing scary about the 99 minute Apple commercial that is “The Invasion” is thinking about Carol Bennell’s (Nicole Kidman) cell phone bill.

I wanted projectile vomiting and crazy CGI stunts. Instead, I’m stuck with a pseudo-remake featuring a stiff, unfeeling psychiatrist running around trying to look worried while sending seemingly hundreds of frantic text messages to her equally creepy son.

Jack Finney would not be able to handle it.

Based (loosely) on the original 1956 “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, the fourth film treatment of Finney’s novel is a poorly made, pathetically acted attempt to frighten. In my opinion, it was successful at one thing: taking my unadulterated hatred for Nicole Kidman and her permanent look of shock (ahem-the eyebrows) and pushing it way over the edge.

If you’ve been staying up nights tossing and turning (and I know I have) wondering if Kidman still has an ounce of sex appeal left, “The Invasion” will clear that up for you real quick. Two words. Botox and Collagen.
You go girl.


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