Filmmaker David McDonald to hold retrospective at Colony Cafe.

The Colony Cafe will present a retrospective of the works of Woodstock filmmaker David McDonald on Saturday, February 2, beginning at 8PM.

McDonald has been making films on or about Woodstock since 2003, when he began work on his locally-beloved epic “Woodstock Can’t Get There From Here,” which charts the rise of the arts colony in Woodstock beginning with Byrdcliffe’s formation in 1902, continuing on to the Maverick, and including sections on Bob Dylan, The Band, and the various artists and visionaries who have populated the town in the last hundred years.

In addition to “Woodstock Can’t Get There From Here,” McDonald made a critically-acclaimed short (30 minutes) film called “The Culture Wars,” which focuses on Woodstock’s 2005 Memorial Day Parade and two local luminaries — Jay Wenk and Terry Breitenstein, who sit on polar opposites of the war debate. That film has been featured at both The Asheville Film Festival and the Ffilmic Festival in Wales.

To begin the night, Mr. McDonald will present the first fifteen minutes of his now-abandoned feature, “Crazy-A#%ed White Boy,” which Mr. McDonald describes as a “novel on celluloid.”

In addition, McDonald promises some small surprises, including some rarely-before seen sections of “Woodstock Can’t Get There From Here,” including one of which he jokingly calls “Sports in Woodstock,” (about Woodstock’s famous Softball Wars of the 70s), and a section of WCGTFH which never made it to the final cut, about two local characters, David Boyle and Dean Schambach, and their participation in one of Ellott Landy’s iconic photographs of Bob Dylan.

The schedule for the evening:

8:00PM Crazy-A#%ed White Boy
8:15 Woodstock Can’t Get There From Here (the second, “Happy” version)
9:45 The Culture Wars (featuring Jay Wenk and Terry Breitenstein)
10:15 Outtakes and additional scenes from WCGTFH

For more information, please contact David McDonald at:


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