Your Top 10 Films of 2007.

The results are in and you picked them.

I asked roughly 20 folks to give me their Top 10 films of 2007. Some grumbled saying things like “Are you kidding me?” and “There was nothing worth watching this year.” Someone actually mentioned that no one has released a good movie since 1989- reminding me that the true essence of the self-respecting film snob is still alive and well and that, my friends, is beautiful.

But anyway…
most people happily obliged and eagerly participated.
Here are the results:

It’s a tie between “No Country” and “Eastern Promises” and I have to say, I’m not the least bit shocked.
You can’t compete with The Coen bros and Cronenberg.

Second runners up are “Sicko”, “Die Hard”, “Super Bad”, “The Savages” and “Sweeney Todd”.

Honorable mention goes to:
“Hot Fuzz”, “Juno”, “The Simpsons Movie”, “The Darjeeling Limited” and “Hannibal Rising”.

And shockingly, “Lars and the Real Girl” received one lousy vote.

I am a bit disappointed that “Sunshine” and “Into the Wild” didn’t make it onto more lists; those are two phenomenal films.

Oh yeah, I should mention that “Who’s Your Caddy” made it onto one list…
he knows who he is.

Here’s my top 10 essentials of ’07:

“This is England”
“Hot Fuzz”
“No Country”
“Trigger Man”
“The Savages”
“Hannibal Rising”
“Black White and Grey”


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