Halloween Appropriate Films..on the Personal Tip.

If I didn’t have to wake up at the crack of 7 am, my perfect, pre-dawn Halloween film screening would consist of the following fabulous picture shows:

Note: No specific genre is favored here. Sub-note: Contrary to popular (local) belief, I am NOT a horror film fan.

1) Cujo
2) Rosemary’s Baby
3) Poltergeist
4) Children of the Corn
5) Silent Scream (aka The Retreat)

My significant other’s list.
He’s 100% fright (and much cooler than me).

1) Basket Case
2) Re-Animator
3) From Beyond
4) Willard
5) The Howling

Send me yours.

1) Name two characters from the 1981 movie “Saturday the 14th”.
2) What year did the “Friday the 13th” TV show premier?

Google is bad. Don’t use it.


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