Go See the "The Darjeeling Limited".

Long, drawn-out, uncomfortable silences have never looked better…
and Wes Anderson has a serious talent for them.

In the “The Darjeeling Limited” my favorite director shoots a series of extreme close-ups on a train.

I love trains.

Ironically, it’s a film about three estranged brothers trapped in a sort of metaphysical stasis on a train going seemingly nowhere in India.

This film has complex and sympathetic characters. Owen Wilson shines as the oldest brother of three in perhaps his best performance to date. Adrien Brody proves that he is funny & Jason Schwartzman (who co-wrote the film with Anderson) is brilliant as youngest brother Jack.

The set design is a visual feast of rich, saturated colors; the perfect eye-candy for a design fanatic like myself (not that I prefer styling to stories by any means).

‘Darjeeling’ lacks a bit of the neatly patterned creativity that I love about “The Royal Tenenbaums”. But, as far as humor is concerned, this one is a winner. As always, the acting is superb and the lovely Angelica Huston graces us with her poise and wit near the end.

So worth the wait!

“The Darjeeling Limited” is showing at Upstate this week:
Oct 23-25: Tues-Thurs 5:10 7:20 9:20

p.s. remember to check out the 13 minute short film “HOTEL CHEVALIER”.


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