My Mother’s Festival Picks.

My mother, the teacher (and one of the best around, I might add) attended the Youth Screenings held last Friday night at the Woodstock Community Center. Three teen films from Onteora High School’s “Indie Program” were featured.

12 shorts total were screened dealing with current issues relevant to teens.
Here’s what she told me about each:

“17” – Is a animation about a student’s drunken stupor. 1 min. 39 sec. and very colorful.

“No.700” – A short about a robbery. One of the robbers gets shot by a gun baring the no. 700. The film was action-packed but quite short lived at 9 min. & 52 sec.

“Stubble”- Is a slapstick short about hair growth on a teen’s face and no matter how hard he tries,he can’t control it. 1 min. 38 sec.

“The Girl Anachronism”- was a well done piece that moved sporadically along with the beat of some popular music. This film covered a girl’s life from birth to present. A big crowd pleaser (by the applause) 2:55

“Yokai Kaidan”- A short 3 part theme that involves a weird spirit that represents death trying to take over peoples bodies. 3:05

“Zucchero”- A clever attempt at Claymation. A mouse tries to find the hidden treasure which ends up being golden chocolate coins. The mouse eats them and becomes sick. Funny. 12:25

“Learning to Curse”- A short clip about two siblings learning from each other and suffering the consequences. Very Cute. 2:30

“Tannin”- 12:25 This film was shot at the Gypsy Wolf Cantina in Woodstock. It’s about a cafe owner who is sick of her mundane life and waiting on people. She starts to wish different things would happen to her customers. It eventually comes true.

“Hard Knot Life” and “Old School/ New School” were two films that were not represented by anyone from the group TRUCE (The Renaissance University for Community Education) however they were very well done and professional. The first was a documentary about two women and two brothers and their struggles on the city streets.

“Old School/New School” was a really cool music video made by inner city youth.

Thanks Mom!


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