A Saturday Recovery.

After an exhilarating night of film screening at the WFF,
I finally crashed early this morning at 12:57 am.

Here’s a very short synopsis of what I digested (or at least attempted to) last night.

Short Docs 6, a wonderful, entertaining potpourri of shorts– both international and American– @ the lovely, new Catskill Mtn. Foundation Cinema.

Then it was back down the mountain to catch “Night of the Living Jews”
and finally, the film that is responsible for keeping me awake all night…
“Trigger Man”.

Thank you Ti West.

In about 90 minutes, The Filmonista caravan will be crossing the Hudson again to screen “Black, White & Gray” at the Rosendale Cinema.

Reviews to come within the next few days.
Right now, I need coffee and an aspirin.

Oh yeah, be sure to check out the Journal’s own Kathleen Murray and John Barry’s excellent up to the minute coverage.
Guys, I can hardly keep up with ya.



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