"About a Son"….Um, About Time!

So…this summer I came across an old tattered and torn poster of Kurt Cobain stashed away in my childhood bedroom closet. (My Mother has been on me to clean out my stuff forever).
It said, “I Hate Myself and I Want to Die.”
If you were a teenager in the early 90’s into the Seattle sound…you’d definitely remember this one.
***quick funny***
An old boyfriend of mine had the same poster in his bedroom with the word “die” creatively changed to “diet”…getting off the topic, sorry.
Anyway, I thought, hey wouldn’t it be great if someone finally attempted to depict the personal side of the artist; something other than a commonplace conspiracy theory about his death?

Flashback to 1998. “Kurt and Courtney”– what a lousy film, right?
Nothing more than a series of interviews with random people claiming to have been close with Cobain either through sex, drugs, or you guessed it… punk rock.
Oh yeah, and an annoying guest appearance by Courtney Love’s estranged, mildly sociopathic father (wonder where she gets it from?) which took up more than a good half of the doc. I like to call it a Croc Doc. (as in croc of S*%#$T).

What’s my point and why am I rambling?
Because, I keep hearing tremendous things about “About a Son”.
They go something like this:
Previously unheard audiotaped conversations
Austerely beautiful

Finally, a serious autobiographical work!

Let’s hope so.

It opens in NYC this Wed. (Oct. 6th)



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