"The Brave One" is This Year’s "Must Not See". Ever.

What a piece of garbage on the sticky cement floor of the Roosevelt Cinema.

Clarice… I never pegged you as an action star.

Jodie Foster plays Erica Bain, a sheltered, naive, hipster-ish (complete with signature choppy hairdo, faux bike messenger bag and the kind of graphic tees I’m growing really tired of seeing) fortysomething radio personality. On a late night walk through Central Park, she and her fiance are brutally attacked (what is this, 1983?). Bain is left in a coma only to awaken and find out that her future husband has died.

“The Brave One” attempts to examine what it would take for an otherwise “normal” person living in big, bad, scary NYC to become a vigilante.
It’s fluffy, plastic and far fetched…and I’m just not buying it.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in Neil Jordan.
With such films as “Interview with a Vampire”, “The Crying Game” (which he wrote, by the way) and “We’re No Angels” under his directorial belt, I thought this one had to have more potential.

On a positive note, the acting is above adequate.
Foster always seems to flourish in a psychosocial-thriller. I think she’s a bit of a nutbar naturally, so these roles seem to work well for her.
Crazy Scorpio.

Terrence Howard is his usual blend of sweet/seductive, yet mysteriously creepy good guy. The green eyes make up for his lack of depth at times.

This movie is neither carefully crafted nor well shot….and there is no way I could ever call it suspenseful.
For Christ Sakes, there isn’t even a soundtrack…unless you count the icky Sarah McLaughlin song played during the repetitive flashback sex scenes with her dead husband used as visual fodder (so VH1 Storytellers).
It’s like, hey…let’s get back to the story, please. Here’s a thought–how ’bout a nice target practice scene where we see exactly how our darling little radio diva becomes such a damn good shot.

I’ll stop there, because, if ticket sales are any indication of how successful a movie is, I must be dead wrong… right?


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