I don’t like “Superbad”.

In fact, I’m tired of the YouTube/MySpace generation ruining the romantic teen comedy.

If that’s what it is (??)

Wait, hold on, I mean “Teen Sex Comedy”…
is that what they’re calling it these days?

I’m not impressed.

If going to extreme measures to get sex and alcohol is all these kids want in a film-
I’m absolutely frightened for my future.

What happened to the lovable, naive and flat-chested Ally Sheedys?

True- she liked her pain pills and black eyeliner, but, she had a little something I like to call SUBSTANCE.

Where has the reserved and SOBER, Andrew McCarthy gone?
Yes, I know, he was a shallow “richie”, but, he had manners.

In other words- what the hell is going on???

Here is my unofficial “film school rejects” super quick (and BAD) review:

On a scale of 1 to 10-

brought the funny: 5

featured engaging (somewhat) characters: 3

dynamic opening title sequence: 9

caused me to regurgitate my seltzer and Sour Patch Kids: 10

unforgiveably raunchy: 11 (I have mixed feelings about this one)

made me seriously question whether or not I should reproduce: 9

Your thoughts?


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