DVD Score: "Hot Fuzz"

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Simon Pegg’s
latest action/comedy/horror (sort of) masterpiece, “Hot Fuzz”.

If you’re a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost Fan, like I am, your collection just won’t be complete without it.

The 2006 flick, directed by Edgar Wright, is an amusing hybrid of Hollywood blockbuster and English country murder-mystery.

Once again, team Pegg/Frost deliver a smart and very sharp flick.
And, yes, there’s also a bit of the ol’ gore that we’ve come to expect (and thoroughly appreciate) from this lovable, zany British duo.

The soundtrack is a treat, as well.
It’s so great to hear Jon Spencer and his notorious, reverb-heavy beats again.
Spencer and the Elegant Too’s, “Here Come the Fuzz”, brought back fond memories of late night college listening sessions featuring none other than the J.S. Blues Explosion.

That’s all I’m sharing. You’re on your own.
I have to run out and look for the collector’s edition of
“Nuns on the Run.”


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