Farewell, Ingmar Bergman… Some Final Questions.

3:30 this afternoon, I receive an unexpected phone call from the Journal’s own Kathleen Murray (The Exiled Hipster).
She wants to talk about Ingmar Bergman.

Smothered in work, my head spins.

I tell Kathleen I will get back to her in a few; I know why she called.
Earlier this afternoon, while browsing BBC online, I see the news of his death.
I say to myself, “I’ll need to write something.”

But what?

Shamefully, I’ve seen only two of Bergman’s films in my life and really only enjoyed one (“The Magician”- 1958).
And, as my luck would have it, Kathleen calls me.

Terrific. (not that I didn’t enjoy talking with her)

So here’s the issue:
I know more biographical information about the director/writer/actor than I do about his films.
I’m like that with facts.
I remember EVERYTHING…down to the person’s shoe size; I’ll never be able to fully grasp that.

Alright, enough rambling, back to work.

Some thoughtful points were made during my conversation with Kathleen.
Here are several that have been burning in my head since 4 p.m.

Of all independent/art (mainstream and emerging) filmmakers, who (if any) are likened to Bergman?

Does an appreciation for Bergman and his work exist among the younger generations (Twentysomethings & Gen-Xers)?

And, finally, the question closest to my heart (one I’ve held silent all day until now):
Does a film legend need to die in order for his/her work to be acknowledged at all?

I’m leaving this wide open for commentary.

Be sure to read Kathleen’s piece this week.


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