Midweek Flick Fix.

Take a drive up to Hudson.
The weather is splendid and TSL is showing the following CinemaLux film:

“The Treatment” (2006)-
a film by Director Oren Rudavsky (“Arguing the World”, 1998) about gaining psychoanalytic perspective while finding true love.

The film won 2006 Best Narrative Feature AND Best Made in New York at Tribeca Film Festival.
7/26 @ 7:30 pm.
$5 for members & students, of course.

Calling all local screen teens (and pre-teens)…

the TSL Ghetto Film School is having quite a productive summer.
Check out the TSL Youth Media project:

For general information:

434 Columbia Street

For those of you who enjoy a good game of “outsmart the film elitist” (don’t ask), here’s something a bit closer to home…

check out the spectacular Bard Summerscape British Postwar Classic: “Outcast of the Islands” (1952), directed by Carol Reed and based on the late 19th century novel by Joseph Conrad.
Relax…if you can’t make this screening you still have time to catch several other festival masterpieces- BPC’s are scheduled to run until August 9.

$7.50 a ticket


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