Moviehouse Madness.

Dutchess County’s 518 area code is keeping a secret from the rest of us 845-ers.

It’s the Moviehouse in Millerton and it’s just darling.

Now, Millerton is a hike, I know-
(I silently cursed as I drove along Rt. 44, obsessively eyeing my gas gauge)-
but, it’s more than worth the drive.

Here’s why:

The outside of the theatre reminds me of a building out of a Western, with its flat, wooden exterior and the typeface used on the sign is reminiscent of a stylish, old saloon- (I can’t help it; fonts are a weakness of mine).

The theatre has serious charm; not an overstated old-architecture charm, but that of someone’s home. The moldings match the curtains, which accent the carpeting, that goes with the upholstery of the studio get the picture.

The upstairs is the most fun.
An art gallery occupies the front room and a concession stand that would rival ANY mall theatre snack stand (I thought I saw gluten-free cookies), serves as a modest entrance to the narrow, intimate Screen 3 of this triplex.

The prices are uniquely Millerton- $9.00 a ticket…but, they have recently caught cheap night fever: Tuesdays are $5 bucks.

The arthouse theatre scene is alive and kicking, especially in the Valley.
The Moviehouse is a place where the art and mainsteam genres co-exist… and do so happily, I presume.
And in a town where you can purchase live ammo and then walk next door to pick-up the latest coffee-table book by Annie Leibovitz, I think anything is possible.

The 411:
The Moviehouse
48 Main, Millerton


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