Why "SiCKO" hits my nerve.

I’m trying to ignore the curmudgeons, film snobs and plain-old bitchy folks who don’t want Michael Moore to succeed as a filmmaker.Okay, I wouldn’t say I am a fan of his work. I think he got lucky using his background as a Journalist and “reported” what he thought was news to the masses in “Columbine”.
I mean, let’s face it, nothing in that film came as too much of a shock after the tragedy. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox beat him to the punch on that one.
I’ll spare you what I really think of “Fahrenheit 911”.

But “SiCKO”…”SiCKO” is different.

Moore has matured. He is satirical, he is chilly, and he has hit a nerve.
And… he made me cry.

And cry some more.

And as I’m sitting here writing this, I’m desperately trying to compose something eloquent that explains why I was (and am still) such a basket case over this film.

Maybe it’s because I’ve just recently returned from being hospitalized and my anaesthesia hasn’t worn off?
Or maybe it’s because I’ve been looking for a reason to relocate; to finally become the first of all my friends and family to gain dual citizenship?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case, but, I’m willing to bet my next medical bill that it’s because I have witnessed quiet, yet brutal, accounts of life as an American with health insurance.
I’m not saying that Utopia exists elsewhere, but, what hope is there for us?
There is, indeed, strength in numbers and that might be our only saving grace right now.

The documtentary focuses on for-profit health insurance and the American pharmaceutical industry; contrasting the U.S. system with the “ideal” universal healthcare systems of Canada, France, England and Cuba.

“SiCKO” also takes a look at the American Presidency (past and present) and ties it directly to the healthcare system.

One of the more disturbing images is the icy recording of Richard Nixon endorsing HMOs, which make more money by denying patients’ healthcare.

There’s an even sadder part still.
Moore shows security-camera footage of an elderly homeless woman who is kicked out onto the streets by her hospital (U of So. Cali.) because she cannot pay her medical bills.

It’s a story of us (Jane & John Q. public) against them (the insurance and drug companies) and Moore has succeeded in creating a new solidarity among Americans.

Wait a minute…us against them? I’ve heard that before…
Could he be utilizing the same tactics that the news network giants use to scare us into submission; the very same ones that aim to convince us that a war is necessary?

Well, bravo Mike.
You’ve succeeded in showing us that if we foolishly regard America as “better than” we are blind to the reality of the issues that are plaguing our nation.


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