Couch Week: At Home with The Filmonista (and her purple stitches)

I lied. I’m back early.

I’m under medical house arrest for just a few more days.
I’ve decided to just bite the bullet and watch some “overlooked” movies from my collection. Yep, I’m going straight to the vault on this one.

Because I’m broke as a joke, unable to drive my stick shift VW and hobbling around like a peg-legged pirate (note the look of panic on my face -to the right).
My plan was to get to “Sicko” this week (ha, I just realized how appropriate that would be considering I just wrote a check to the hospital for an obscene amount of money and am now feeling somewhat homicidal).

Homicidal…isn’t that a movie from the 60’s?
I’ll have to ask my movie guru Grandfather.

So….in the meantime you’ll have to deal with hearing about a potpourri of films that, until now, have sat unopened on my shelf- most likely for an excellent reason.

I’m warning you, things might get ugly.

Stay tuned.


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