Tom Sizemore was arrested for crystal meth use this week.
Insiders say he was trying to kill himself.
I say it was a sad attempt at a “COPS” reenactment.
The “Poor Man’s” Michael Madsen hasn’t starred in anything worth mentioning since “Saving Private Ryan”, in 1998.
Things are tough all over.

The Powerhouse Summer Theatre Program at Vassar has drawn Oscar winning actors to Poughkeepsie since 1985.

One of my all-time favorite actors, David Strathairn, (“Good Night, and Good Luck”, “Dolores Claiborne”, “A League of Their Own”) a Dutchess county resident and regular Powerhouse performer/artist-in-residence, recently spoke with Passport Magazine about the Vassar Program.

“I think the greatest thing about Powerhouse is that it gives the writer a place to lay out his words and his work… it is a place without judgment. Powerhouse offers everyone the opportunity to be creative without the anvil of commercialization laying over your head…”

Powerhouse performances run from June 15 through July 29.

Tickets available online at
P: 845.437.7235 or at the Powerhouse Box office at Vassar.


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