Memories of Film Bliss, Passed.

When I lived in Providence, I had a membership to Acme Video- a killer independent video store chocked full of documentaries, indie faves, cult classics, local and student film.
Almost every Wednesday, in a cloud of clove cigarette smoke (oh yeah, I was cooler than), I would walk into Acme and peruse the selection looking for that not so well know Jarmusch film that everyone hated just so I could bring it home and force my action film loving boyfriend to watch it with me.

Those were the days; blissful days.

These days, I’ve had just about enough of that SuperMovie store with the big blue ticket logo.
You know, the one with the blinding fluorescent lighting and overabundance of suspense flicks starring Vin Diesel? Who’s with me?

Now, I’m new to this place but Poughkeepsie, please tell me that somewhere in this great city there lives a place like Acme.

This weekend, The Filmonista’s assignment is to look for one.

I will try and squeeze it in between cleaning dog hair off my couch, depriving myself of carbohydrates and thinking about having breakfast with my father on Sunday.


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