One to Watch: Local Film-maker David McDonald Exposes Pre-Festival Woodstock

David McDonald has done a good thing.
A very good thing.

When I first met the off-beat film-maker, roughly 4 years ago, I realized that what he was doing was necessary.
The native Brooklynite and recent Woodstock transplant was out to uncover the truth about the town he recently began to call home.

Most think Woodstock= the 1969 Festival.
McDonald takes us further. A lot further.
And for someone who grew up in the Hudson Valley, like yours truly for instance, who constantly corrected “outsiders” about where the festival actually took place (Bethel, NOT Woodstock), it was refreshing to know that someone wanted to expose the town for what it really is, and was- not just a stereotype.

Is it about the music? Yes.
But that’s not all.

“Woodstock…Can’t Get There From Here” is a departure from other documentaries where the town (and name) is concerned. The film’s focus is on the rise and fall of the American left– using events that transpired in the town of Woodstock, already synonymous with “the movement”.

The adbridged version of the film debuted at the Asheville Film Festival in November, 2006

David will be presenting the first 12 minutes of his new film, Crazy-Assed White Boy,” at the monthly “In the Works” event in Woodstock.
June 20th, 7PM, at the Center For Photography in Woodstock.

On Wednesday, June 21st, he will be presenting “Woodstock…Can’t Get There From Here” at Coffeehouse-60 Main St. in New Paltz @ 8:30 p.m.

For more info on the film:


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